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Light Lift

This is the smaller quadcopter (4 blade) Phantoms and the all-new Inspire 1 drones. They are single or dual operator setup and come with GoPro 3, GoPro 4 or the new DJI 4K cameras. With these systems we can shoot up to 14mp still images and up to 4k video. This setup is perfect for smaller budgets, rapid deployment and getting gear into hard to reach places (think mountain tops and volcanoes etc.). The photo and video quality is amazing considering the small camera sensor size but they do not have the same image quality or dynamic range of the larger machines. However, our light lift drones are our most nimble and easy to implement units and that can be a huge advantage.

Medium Lift

Here we have the larger, professional grade hexarotor (6 blade) and octorotor (8 blade) machines like the S900 and S1000. These are dual operator setups that carry high end DSLRs like the Canon 5D MKIII and Panasonic's new GH4 as well as the video only Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera. This setup is perfect for projects where cinematic film quality is required and the budgets are a little higher. In this range of drone and camera package we can offer up to 22 mega pixel stills as well as RAW and ProRes video output for increased video quality, dynamic range and better post production color correction. We use these machines for corporate, commercial, film and television work. The photo and video quality here is amazing and is as professional as most productions usually require. These medium lift drones are a terrific balance of cost, image quality and ease of implementation. They are our most popular machines.

Heavy Lift

This is the really large octorotor (8 blade) drones like our awesome Aeronavics SkyJib X4XL. They are always dual operator setups and come with a full operations team as well. These drones feature heavy-duty camera stabilizing gimbals that can support camera packages that weigh up to 14lbs. This means we can fly cameras like the Red Scarlet, Red Dragon, the Canon C300, high-speed cameras (Phantom etc.) and many others. Directors and cinematographers can shoot with the gear they choose and be confident that they are getting the best quality, most reliable hardware on the market. With this setup film quality is as good as the camera and lens you choose to fly. We also have cameras and lens packages that are pre configured for optimal results. The heavy lift drones are the only way to go if you want to fly the very best cameras and get the best footage possible.


We maintain a large and varied fleet of aerial drones designed specifically for filming. We have everything from small "stunt cam" GoPro equipped quadcopter packages to larger hexarotors (6 blade) and octorotors (8 blade) units capable of flying the Canon 5D MKIII DSLR's, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras and Panasonic's new GH4. Of course we can provide high-end "heavy lift" drones capable of flying Red cameras as well.

All our aerial filming packages come with downlink technology that gives us a live preview to field monitors. For live events we can also offer real time HD video streaming for live playback. On all production shoots we provide full redundant back up of all mission critical systems to guarantee you zero downtime. At the end of the shoot we can give you the raw footage on a portable hard drive, SD card or we can edit and color correct it and provide you with the finished product with a very short turn around.

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