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Sean Gordon 
Creative Director
airvidcinematic at gmail dot com

My Message
"I believe film making is not just what I do for a living, but a responsibility. To give justice to the beauty of the world with what we capture, and transmit those emotions to the viewer, and ultimately create unforgettable experiences and relationships. This requires us to be present and in the moment. There is never a finish line with media creation, there's no perfection, but we can strive for it. We can and should strive to constantly learn more and push new limits in our technology and our minds. I love film making because it's being a part of a living ecosystem. One that constantly changes and challenges you to evolve with it."
Sean Gordon

About Me
An adventure film maker at heart, but lover of all things media, Sean has been working in Film, Television and multimedia for the last ten years. Sean has experience directing and producing projects ranging from full crewed operations, to operating as a one man crew on adventure tourism documentaries. As well as being an accomplished freelance filmmaker, Sean is a saavy technician having worked on camera and electrics on major motion pictures and television shows, such as Umbrella Academy, Titans, Handmaids Tale, Disney's Zombies 2, and commercials for major brands such as Mcdonalds, Google, Taco Bell, Maple Lodge Farms. Experienced musician, with 2 albums and several scores. 

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