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  • Sean Allman

Sailing and the sky

Me with the "Bird"

Teaming up with the Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club and Aerial Vision, we covered the annual 2016 sail boat regatta for the fisrt time from the sky using UAV camera platforms. It was a probably the most difficult shoot we've ever done with Aerial Vision as there were so many technical problems to solve. How do we land the UAV safely? How are we going to manage our batteries and charging out on the lake? Where is the action we need to cover going to take place and at what time? So many moving parts on this shoot but I'm happy to report the shoot was a success and we got some fantastic, never before seen footage of the Ashbridges Bay Regatta! Thanks to Martin Gibb for masterminding the event and inspiring us with a comprehensive vision and challenging our creative team to make a plan for the shoot. Special thanks to Camielle Clark from Edelman, Brain Fraley of Fraley·Boston and Alex Calderon of Aerial Vision International.

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